Let’s talk…

Good news, your first 30-minute „short concept-call“ with me is on the house! While getting a feel for each other, we will discuss and roughly outline your needs, pain points, vision, message of your film, target audience and budget.

If you to decide to team up with Malvina Media, part of our „homework“ is done. We will continue to brainstorm more specific ideas, select favorites, and outline the initial concept or script, defining a storyline.

Our discussed framework sets our foundation for subsequent more elaborate phases of our preproduction, production and post-production. Throughout the entire creative process I will make sure your input and visions are incorporated and collaboratively refined if needed.

…Ready to chat?


Malvina Media offers a range of cinematic options. Let’s collaborate and turn your vision into an unforgettable visual journey:



Recruitment Film

Explanatory Film

Event Film

Fashion Film


„About Me Film“ for Artists

Social Media Content



Once the cameras stops rolling…Malvina Media dives into the artistry of postproduction, visual effects, graphics, animations and sound design to bring your vision to its full potential. In the editing suite I will piece together each frame, ensuring a seamless flow that captures the essence of your story, transforming your raw footage into a cinematic masterpiece.

Let’s optimize your presence with impactful and budget-conscious social media content. Malvina Media specialises in breaking down your film’s compelling content into bite-sized fragments, perfectly tailored for social media. This not only maximizes efficiency but also proves a cost-friendly strategy, ensuring your captivating story reaches your audience seamlessly across various platforms.


Elevate your film’s impact with media consulting and marketing expertise! Malvina Media offers strategic guidance on media placement and marketing. Tailored solutions will not only ensure that your project gains the visibility it deserves but also reaches the right audience through effective channels. Let’s craft a winning media strategy that puts your film in the spotlight and maximizes its influence.



In this one day workshop you will learn about the art of storytelling. We will dive into an immersive session that unravels the secrets of compelling narratives and ignite the spark of innovation. Interactive exercises and dynamic discussions will help you discover the power of your unique voice and learn to craft narratives that captivate and inspire. Let’s explore the boundless realms of creativity and unlock your full storytelling potential!


This one day dynamic workshop is curated to unleash your imagination and foster a deep connection with your creative instincts. You will be guided through interactive exercises and thought-provoking discussions that challenge conventional perspectives. Design thinking methodologies will be seamlessly integrated, offering a structured approach to problem-solving that encourages fresh ideas and inventive solutions. We will break through creative barriers, explore uncharted territories of your mind, and revel in the thrill of thinking beyond limits. If you are ready to reshape your approach to challenges and ignite your innovative spirit: Let’s reimagine possibilities together!