Alexandra Malvina Wenzel alias „Malvina Media“ is a filmmaker, editor, content creator, and media consultant, having worked with corporations, TV stations, TV science magazines, scientific institutes, universities, family offices and individuals worldwide looking to stand out, leave a lasting impression, and achieve meaningful results across all the essential media platforms.

Here’s why teaming up can be your game-changer: Alexandra specialises in crafting visual narratives and story branding that will set you apart in the marketplace, giving you a competitive edge.

Choosing to work with her translates to having a creative, versed, passionate, experienced and straightforward professional by your side, guaranteeing that you’ll achieve your goals, also in terms of time, efficiency and cost.



Malvina Media was founded in 2014 by Alexandra Malvina Wenzel based in Bavaria, Munich. Her love of art and creativity runs consistently through her resume on many levels. Even before graduating from high school and subsequently studying History of Art and English Literature (M.A.), she gained her first editorial and film experience in the gallery, publishing and TV sectors. Following her artistic vein, her path led her to the art, museum and gallery business after successfully completing her studies, focussing on public relations and journalism.

Her ambition for her own active and creative realisation, especially in the field of photography and moving images, led her on a fortunate path into the exciting world of film and television production. Here she expanded her horizon in several years of work as a TV and online editor, TV producer and on-air reporter in the program area Knowledge & Documentary at well-known TV stations such as ZDF, Pro7, Sat 1, Kabel 1 and the RTL Group.

In search of new, holistic, creative challenges, Alexandra paved her way into self-employment and kept her focus on topics of technology, science and education. Her skills include ideation, conception and production of moving image content, especially innovative image and corporate films, TV and web formats.

Throughout the processes of digitalisation, Alexandra also made her way into the consulting scene. With a focus on brand strategy, social media, storytelling and content marketing, she helps companies make their brand strategically unique and visible across media.

In addition to her editorial background, more than fifteen years of practical experience as a producer, creative director and on-air TV reporter – her skills in camera, photography and editing contribute to a holistic, goal-oriented and creative way of working.


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